Here at The Racehorse Sanctuary, we treat every new arrival as an individual. They are all different with varied temperaments and abilities. Some will adapt to their new life with ease, while others will take more time.

A new arrival will be assessed over a period of time to work out suitability for a new career.

Due to age and/or previous injury, some may not be suitable for ridden work, and so may remain at the Sanctuary or rehomed as a companion.

Horses that can be ridden are brought along quietly, long reining around the farm, helping them to learn to go on their own.

After some hacking, school work and maybe jumping over small fences we try to match horse and rider as closely as possible, so we encourage potential re-homers to come and meet and try their new best friend as often as they can - to begin to forge a lifelong partnership!

Image: Jack Cairo successfully rehomed and enjoying a new career Eventing