Lunging & Long Reining

This is carried out prior to having a saddle fitted to their backs giving them time to adapt to their new surroundings without the hindrance of a rider. 

During this period the neck and back muscles can be worked and strengthened to produce a similar outline used when under a saddle. This period also gives time for individual horse to become familiar with the voice commands essential for future training.

Hacking Out

Whilst many horses coming out of training have been hacked out regularly they have always had the security of being either in company with  another horse or in a string of horses going out on the gallops. 

At the Sanctuary we continue this method when introducing hacking out and over a period of time the distance between horses is increased until eventually, having left the yard as a couple, the new recruit will end up hacking home alone. 

Hacking is a very important part of re-training as the majority of our horses will be re-homed as hacks.
We also find it very beneficial for socialising with other equines in a relaxed environment - and as a winding down process after a schooling  session.

Aptitude for Dressage

Any horse that has three even paces and an interest in his work can be schooled for low level dressage at preliminary/novice level. 
Every riding horse at the centre will spend time in the ménage being trained to walk, trot and canter in an outline accepting the rider's aids. 
Those who demonstrate the early capabilities of this discipline are given the opportunity to establish themselves at the lower levels of dressage and a suitable home is then sought for them with a view to progressing through the ranks. 


Aptitude for Jumping  

When thoroughly settled away from their previous racing environment and working both in the ménage and hacking out, every horse is given the chance to show their enthusiasm and capabilities by working over trotting poles - following onto rustic and coloured fences within the confinement of the school.  
Some then progress to the cross-country fences if we feel that this won't have a detrimental effect on their general schooling to date.

The All Round Riding Horse

Whilst some individual horses go on to specialise in a certain discipline which has become apparent during their re-training, the majority will  be re-homed as hacks

Many of our horses will go on to compete in RoR classes as all who pass through our system are eligible.