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From the Horse's Mouth Christmas 2020 Issue 38 of the E-newsletter of The Racehorse Sanctuary.


From the Horse’s Mouth

Christmas 2020

Issue 38 of the E-newsletter of

The Racehorse Sanctuary

News of our horses leading to our Christmas 2020 Fundraising Appeal

First though we would like to wish all our friends and supporters

A Safe and Healthy Christmas & A Return to Normal for 2021


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 FANTASTIC kick start for our Christmas 2020 Appeal with generous £10k donation by John Collins of Talacrest


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Still not bought your raffle tickets to win dinner for two with John Francome?




With unprecedented demand on the Sanctuary for help, thankfully rehomings have held up beyond our expectations. 

WHEN DEFRA allowed horse movement to resume, Graham and his team have had their best summer ever in term of the numbers of thoroughbreds rehomed, helped as reported in Issue 37 by a very welcome grant from Support Adoption for Pets towards operational costs, including feed and veterinary bills.  Support Adoption for Pets is the animal rescue & pets adoption charity launched in 2006 by Pets at Home.


Just as coronavirus struck, Graham had found a super new home for 9-year old Malton Rose with Kirstie in Warwickshire. Trained by Nicky Henderson and having only had seven runs winning twice and being placed third once, sadly Malton Rose broke down at Worcester back in June and had been on box rest recovering since.  Now, at the tail end of his recuperation and shaping up well for the future, Malty has settling in really well with Kirstie and her other ex-racehorse Thug. What a thrill to see to see him cavorting with his new friends, when he was able to be turned out; see the video.

Kirstie intends quite simply caring for him for the rest of his life and if this includes some ridden work in the future that will be an added bonus but the important thing to her is that Malty will want for nothing. To quote Graham: we really could do with lots more keepers like Kirstie, they are few and far between.

Next to be rehomed was little Maizie aka Amaze the Boys, who has become an Essex girl and is now living with Nicola and Evelyn. This super filly is being given time to grow into herself as she is still a baby and Nicola and Evelyn are the perfect pair to bring her on slowly, they already have Colby who will no doubt play his part in teaching her the ropes. It is truly heart-warming to see her so happy in this super home with people who will move heaven and earth to ensure her wellbeing, particularly as she had such a difficult start to her life with collapsed fetlocks on both hinds. I have a really good feeling regarding her future and Nicola and Evelyn are the ones to make it happen.


Then to coincide with the lifting of the ban on horse movement for rehoming by DEFRA and the fantastic news of support to keep us going from Support Adoption for Pets a spate of rehomings starting with Carry Me Home, by Dark Angel out of Toffee Vodka, formerly trained by Charlie Hills.  This is what Graham had to say:

The extremely handsome 7-year old gelding Carry Me Home is now in his new home with Emma and Tiegan in East Sussex.  Toffee, as he is known at home after his mum, is an absolute gentleman in every respect and has so much to give.  Meanwhile, Tiegan is a very talented young rider, so who knows what the future holds for this dynamic duo, keep an eye on the front page of H&H

Next Graham was able to report a new home for 13-year old Three White Socks, by Whipper out of Halesia, formerly trained by Brian Ellison.  This is what he had to say:  “At long last Three White Socks has found his forever home with Suzanne in East Sussex keeping her pony Millie company.  This is a super home for good old Socks who so deserves the peace and tranquillity under the care of Suzanne, who is a very capable lady who competes on her other horse, but loves to have a couple at her home to fuss over.  Socks will be in his element here.


Despite coronavirus, Graham has worked wonders to find new homes, this time for Close for Comfort.  This is what he reported: “This fabulous 5-year old was not cut out for racing, but in now setting off on a new career with Emma in West Sussex.

Comfy, as he is known at home, has looks to die for and is full of fun.  Hopefully he will be making a name for himself in the dressage world, whilst enjoying hacking around the farm with Emma, who has her own florist business in London and plans to open a second shop in West Sussex.

They can't all be Gold Cup or Derby winners but it is a big wide world out there after racing and Comfy and Emma intend making their mark on it.”  Good luck to them.


In early July, Graham was able to report: “Bella is now "Bell of the Ball" in Shakespeare country, living with Kirstie who also has Malton Rose of ours and Bella is seen here meeting Malty for the first time.

This lovely 4-year old mare by Charm Spirit has her entire future mapped out for her with Kirstie who absolutely dotes over her horses and leaves nothing to chance as far as their welfare and wellbeing is concerned.  Lucky old Bella.”


The end of July brought another successful pairing of horse and keeper:  Ned Pepper, by Intello out of Storyland, has more than earned his retirement; everyone agreed with Ned, hurdling was not going to be his thing.  He is seen here stripped racing fit on his last day with trainer Alan King.  Ned has now been rehomed by Graham with Louise in Sussex, where we can see him enjoying a good roll in his new stable before venturing out into his new paddock. This lovely 4-year old, having finished his racing career sound, is ready to go out and explore all that his new found future holds for him.  Graham reports: now living in a fantastic yard, where Louise is the manager, who knows what dizzy heights this very intelligent and charismatic chap will reach, watch this space. 


Sunday 2nd Aug was a big day for Ballymountain Boy when he set off to his forever home with Mel in Berkshire, but a sad one for us at the centre having to say goodbye to him.  As Graham reports: “What an absolute gentleman Bally is and it has been a pleasure and an honour to have looked after him between his racing days and his new found home with Mel.  Seen here having a final look at the centre on departure and arriving at his super new home with Mel, where he will be keeping her other retired horse Chance company and living like a king, which is no more than he more than deserves.  Bally is a very special horse, who craves for one-to-one relationships. I  do believe that Mel and Chance are the ones to offer him just that.



Part of our responsibility is to keep in touch with all the horses fostered out or who have gone to new lifetime homes, but it is great when keepers send us reports


WE were cheered and heartened to have a two-year anniversary report from fosterer Donna, who sent some super pics with gentle giant Trent aka Dakota Rain.

This is what Donna had to say: “So, I've been fostering this gentle giant of an ex-racehorse Trent (racing name Dakota Rain) for two years, as of yesterday!!  Don't know where the time has gone....  He still loves a fuss and a cuddle and makes me smile every day! 😊❤❤❤😊....  Love him to bits XXX”


In September we had a report from Emma in West Sussex.  Remember Carry me Home or Toffee as he was known?  Just four months down the line at his new home and look at him now.  Tiegan and Toffee really do have some exciting times ahead of them and they look as though they are loving every second of it



Soon to be looking for new homes, of course.


Meet Sir Cozzie.  This super 17-year old bay gelding by Gorse out of Last Night’s Fun joined us at the weekend and already has made quite an impact on all at the centre.  In the past Cozzie has suffered from hind ligament injuries and has had back problems.  This will not affect his future as he will never be ridden again and his future lies ahead as a companion horse when the right home has been found for him.  Says Graham: “That is providing I can prise him away from the girls at the centre!”  Having only ran twice as a youngster and showing no interest in the game he has been looked after impeccably well by Tina, who feels that he now needs a peaceful retirement home to live out his days.


“Admittedly it is very early days but we have been blown away by Cozzie’s laid back attitude toward life in general.  He did not know us or his new surroundings, but already he seems to trust us with whatever we ask of him with no questions asked.

Cozzie has the looks, the charisma and the intelligence to take him wherever he wants to go but most importantly he is a thoroughly nice person.  Whoever is lucky enough to end up with him as part of their family will be truly blessed. Hopefully that will not be for a while yet as all at the centre want to make the most of his presence.”


Come mid-September super star sprinter New Rich has arrived at the centre.

During his racing career this lovely 9-year old bay gelding by Bahamian Bounty out of Bling Bling won eight races and was placed in a further twenty out of eighty starts, quite an achievement.

Believe it or not Fred, as he is known in the yard, has finished perfectly sound and very happy, providing he isn’t sat on any more. as this causes him discomfort after a short period of three or four weeks.  Thorough investigations have been carried out by top vets and physios and nothing can be found that causes this problem for him but it really doesn’t matter.  Fred is happy, healthy and enjoying life. which is the important thing. Obviously, it is early days but when Fred has completed his isolation spell and settled into his new retirement life. we will be looking for that special person to become his best friend and welcome him into their family.  We will keep you informed of his progress.



We were forcibly remined of why this charity is needed, with the loss of a yard favourite.


RIP Wavertree Warrior by Indian Lodge out of Karamana

BUT then came the sad news we had been dreading.  Graham, with great regret and sadness had to report: that on Monday 18th May 2020 the decision was made that after a nearly six-year battle against both Laminitis and a rotating pedal bone it was time to admit defeat and Warrior was very quietly put to sleep.

This truly wonderful little horse was quite unique in so many ways.  He came to us on a cold, wet and miserable day in February 2015 and as he walked off of the trailer, we looked at each other and it was obvious that not only were we going to be great friends but also that there were to be some exciting times ahead.

Absolutely crippled on arrival, the help of Liphook Hospital vet Holly Claridge and specialist remedial farrier Richard Lovejoy were called upon and along with our own Sue the long process of elimination was entered into to find an ongoing solution to Warriors problem feet, what a challenge this proved to be. After many trips to the hospital and equally as many sleepless nights between these three experts a very carefully shaped and designed clog was found to be the answer.

Since discovering this Warrior has been the happiest little horse ever and causing havoc on a daily basis. The first six months consisted of being hand-grazed three times a day followed by limited turn-out building up to spending half of the day in his paddock and the other half being pampered in his stable.

On a personal note Warrior has caused me to spend time with paramedics in the back of an ambulance, the misery of standing out in the pouring rain in the winter months grazing him and so many hours on the road between Liphook Equine Hospital and the centre. Has it all been worth it? The answer is yes, so many times over.  Those times when he would canter over to the gate in his paddock just to have a chat with you, when he would waggle his head telling us his feed was five minutes late and most importantly our midnight chats when all others were fast asleep I really felt that he understood the problems that I would describe to him and whilst he couldn’t answer I’m sure in his own way he sympathised.


In January of this year whilst acting the fool and showing off to everyone in his paddock he managed to pull one of his clogs off and in doing so broke his foot up badly.  This was to be the beginning of the slippery slope as Richard was unable to re-fit due to the damage done.

Having tried everything possible including all pain killers available the decision had to be made for his sake.  On the morning of 18th May we had both of his front feet nerve blocked in order to take away any pain instantly, we then let him thoroughly enjoy an in-hand graze in the sunshine which he had been yearning for over of late. Feeling very happy and contented he then quietly laid down and went to sleep forever.

Every horse is special; Warrior really was a warrior and was extremely special.

RIP our little man, gone but never to be forgotten.




The Covid-19 crisis compounded problems, which resulted in the return of three horses from their safe, until now anyway, and contented retirement.……….


A SIGN of the times, according to Graham: “Sadly I have to report that that Monica (left), Opus (centre) and Joe (right) have returned to us, from what had hoped would be their safe, secure home for life.  The trio are seen here getting used to their new paddock at the centre and at least eating up their evening feed, a good sign they will continue to settle down with us.”


To curtail their happy retirement seems so unfair to the horses, for no fault of their own: having been cared for, loved and looked after beautifully for several years, their keeper had no choice but to ask us to take them back, entailing disruption to their routine with resulting anxiety, felt especially by older horses in response to change.

Having been made redundant and suffering from depression as a result, their keeper had to make this heart wrenching decision, rather than allowing them to go without, in any way.  Needless to say. Graham reports: “This has put the Sanctuary under even more pressure for the oncoming winter months, than we had already anticipated.  Somehow, we have to find a way to raise more funds to ensure the wellbeing not just of Monica, Opus and Joe, but all our Sanctuary horses.  Either way, along with all of the other horses currently at the centre these three are safe with us, as stated: we guarantee care for life and will continue to do so as long as we can.  Our thoughts are with their former keeper, who is now suffering a great loss at having to parted with the charges she has come to love; this awful Covid-19 virus has so much, for which to answer.”



Never more important for the welfare of our horses this winter, we desperately need your generous donations to fill the hole in our traditional fundraising. 


OUR Christmas URGENT Appeal has always been important for The Racehorse Sanctuary, but this never so more than this year, with our traditional face-to-face fundraising wiped out by the coronavirus crisis.  Monica, Opus and Joe are the poster horses for our appeal, with their sad tale just told.  So, if the thoroughbred horse has a place in your heart, please donate generously.  We have pared our operational costs to the bone without sacrificing the welfare of our horses.  All your donations will go directly to their care.


Our sincere thanks to John Collins, boss of Talacrest, for kick-starting this appeal with a share of a very generous £50,000 pot he is donating to animal charities dear to his heart this Christmas.  John normally dreams of more substantial horsepower in the form of Classic Ferraris, but he clearly has a sneaking admiration for the thoroughbred athlete.

A copy of John’s book  DEALING IN DREAMS would make an ideal Christmas present for the petrol-heads in your family.  It provides a fascinating insight into the world of dealing in classic collector Ferraris and other exotic cars, telling the inside story about John Collins and Talacrest, from its beginning to present day and is also a wonderful catalogue of the world's most fabulous cars that Talacrest and John have been involved with.  Sales proceeds are split between The Racehorse Sanctuary and the Air Ambulance.

To join John Collins and donate to the

Sanctuary Christmas 2020 URGENT Appeal online please click HERE




If online stuff is not for you, simply post your cheque to:

The Racehorse Sanctuary

2 Crouch Farm Cottages



West Sussex GU28 0LQ



However, if you live your life using the apps on your mobile phone, you can download the Pledjar app and use the code TRS001 to link the bank account of your choice so that your transactions are rounded up to the nearest £ and the pennies come to care for the Sanctuary horses, with Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer.




If you are still short on Christmas cards, we may be able to help

A generous benefactor has underwritten the cost of printing a lovely traditional-style Christmas card for us this year, so all sales proceeds will go towards the care of our horses this winter.  For full details of the card and how to order, please click HERE.

The horse pictured as if butter would not melt in his mouth is the late Wavertree Boy aka Norbert, who was what can only be described as a bit of a handful.



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