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Coronavirus Impacts On The Racehorse Sanctuary


The coronavirus is having a huge impact on smaller animal charities such as ours and  urgent help is needed so that we can weather the crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic has led this country and the world into unprecedented times. People are scared, the world economy has taken a major hit, and concern for our loved ones, our neighbours and ourselves can feel crippling.  

Charities, too, are vulnerable - At the Racehorse Sanctuary we've been stopped in our tracks

The coronavirus has disrupted our future plans, and derailed the essential fundraising projects necessary to see us through the Spring and Summer - charities throughout the country are reporting a drop in donations and many will be forced to close.

We have to survive - we don’t just WANT to survive this pandemic – we HAVE to -  for the horses sake

We have a fantastic team of staff and volunteers at Mulsey turning up every day under very difficult circumstances to keep the horses safe and well - they and the horses deserve all the support you can give them

We appreciate that many of you may feel uncertain as to your own financial future but we feel justified in asking everyone who cares about horses to donate what you can afford, however small -   Everyday and every penny counts.

When we work together, we can overcome and continue to give vulnerable horses a second chance

Thank You For Helping The Horses

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