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We aim to give every horse that comes into our care a second chance in life in a loving home. Unfortunately that is not always possible.

Checking out donationa in the wishing well...Horses either a little too-spirited or who simply require specialist attention on a daily basis are unlikely to find a good home and are given Sanctuary. We would never give them up for the world. We don't give up on them - and neither should you.

When you sponsor a Sanctuary horse, your donations are used to help all the horses in our care and to give those horses who would otherwise meet a very sad end a happy ending to their story.

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The photographs on this website are distressing http://www.chai.org.il/en/compassion/reality/reality_horseslaughter_uk.htm.

But it doesn't have to end like this. You CAN make a difference!

The Sanctuary Adoption scheme gives you the opportunity to join the family of Sanctuary Supporters and help us help those who cannot help themselves.

Download a sponsor form here.

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