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It's Cheltenham Festival Week - And They're Off


Above: Moorcroft Boy - where The Sanctuary story began......

This week's Cheltenham Festival will be viewed by millions of people on TV while over 260,000 people are expected to pass through the gates to enjoy one of the U.K's sportings highlights.   

As some of the world's finest horses battle it out for over £4 million prize money punters should  ask themselves what happens to these athletes of the turf when their racing careers are over. 

An estimated 4,000 horses leave the racing industry each year and many are found new homes and second careers,  but sadly this is not the case of all these magnificent warriors.  Despite all the good things the racing industry has done to enhance the welfare of former racehorses, a safety net is still required, particularly for injured or difficult animals. 

The Racehorse Sanctuary and Re-homing Centre, (Reg Charity No. 1117361)  has rehomed or fostered many of these horses over the past ten years and is thrilled to announce the pledge of a major grant from The Sir Peter O'Sullevan Charitable Trust. The grant will allow the planned development of the Sanctuary to proceed with a specialist dedicated unit for the rehabilitation of High Dependency horses, those that need extra time and T.L.C. before being able to be rehomed.  Our philosophy is to take each horse presented to us on its merits; if we can see a way to give it a quality of life, for life, we will try to find a way to do so, however long it takes – even for the more difficult cases. 

The new facility will be named The Peter O'Sullevan High Dependency Unit in memory of a man who came to be recognised as 'The Voice of Racing' and will become an important component of the Sanctuary, preparing horses for a second career.  But what fate lies in store for those horses for whom no such career beckons 

As our title implies, the distinctive feature of our support for former race racehorses is in the provision of Sanctuary.  

Sanctuary from the danger that they may be put down for economic or social reasons whilst, with the right care and attention, they are still perfectly capable of enjoying a good quality of life.  

Or worse still get passed down to owners who are unable to look after them properly, abuse them or export them illegally for slaughter. 

The size of our waiting list and frequent requests for emergency help are indicative of the number of horses who need help. 

Providing Sanctuary for life is costly, so we desperately need your help to secure a forever home for more thoroughbreds in need. 

Whether you're watching your winner romp home or sparing a thought for the 'also rans' please pick up your phone and make a donation. 

Whatever mobile network you're on, you can simply text HORS20 and an amount of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070 e.g.: "HORS20 £5"  making sure to send this to 70070. 

Or donate online